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I voiced my displeasure about AERO CONTRACTORS’ suspension of domestic activities in Nigeria three weeks ago, emphasizing how their current business model is unsustainable.
I offered cooperation, interlining, partnership, and code-sharing as solutions to some of the problems that are challenging their business model. However, this quick comeback is highly commendable and a great move in the right direction.
With this development, I am optimistic that this partnership and the aircraft chosen, the Q400, will go a long way toward addressing their major challenges.

As part of the new partnership, additional funding for staff training is required, but the Jet A1 challenge remains unresolved. I hope Aero Contractors’ management will extend this partnership to the procurement of Jet A1 because any small progress in lowering the cost of Jet A1 will significantly improve profitability.

I look forward to more collaboration and partnership in aircraft maintenance and training.

God bless Nigeria.

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