CliqJets is an aviation consultancy company with the goal of fostering growth, innovation, and sustainability in airline operations with regard to profitability, efficiency, compliance, and safety.
Passenger needs and service experiences vary due to cultural differences around the world. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to encourage the domestication of research and development in the aviation industry.
This has motivated us to create exciting and affordable consulting services with the potential to favorably influence growth, innovation, and sustainability.
Using cutting-edge analytical technologies to analyze data and offer recommendations, CliqJets Consulting is a 360° service provider that combines the expertise of top specialists in the industry to offer answers to current flight operations difficulties.
The company is incorporated and headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, with a trusted network of partners spread across the country and beyond.


Vision and Mission

To provide access to the world’s private jets and data analytics services in one click

We exist to provide you with the right information for you to make the best decision possible, as well as to assist airlines in discovering efficient solutions and implementing forward-thinking strategies to help them achieve their goals.