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CliqJets consulting is a start-up next-gen customer experience (CX) company, defining and delivering transformative experiences for airlines and the most innovative brands using digital technologies. With the combination of digital, human intelligence, and culturally based operational strategies, CliqJets consulting is the preferred partner for managing end-to-end flight operations and CX across the aviation industry. Established in 2020, with a 100% focus on stimulating growth, innovation, and sustainability in customer experience, operational efficiency, compliance, safety, and profitability. CliqJets consulting enjoys the services of experienced customer service experts and aviation specialists, providing services to customers in Africa and beyond. CliqJets’ consulting footprint consists of airlines in Nigeria and the Middle East.

Primary Services


Customer Experience Transformation


Aircraft Leasing and Financing Advisory


Business & General Aviation / Helicopter


Cliqjets Consulting offers fundamental pre-job placement guidance, mentorship sessions, recruitment recommendations, verified job postings, and seminars that will keep aviation experts up to date for employers. (A table should be created where industry professionals will sign up with their biodata and upload their CV)


Here Cliqjets Consulting offers advisory services that are customize to reflect the culture and traditions of our clienteles:


We provide a range of key commercial due diligence services:
• Independent assessments of the specific market structure, size, and drivers, as well as competitive landscape, market share, competition basis, and barriers to entry

• Positioning with customers
• Assessing the achievability of business plans
• Uncovering risks and their mitigates
• Identification of additional value creation levers


Cliqjets Consulting helps to quantify market opportunities, benchmark historical performance, and assess competitive positioning, project revenues and costs, and more.


We offer independent and objective opinions about the value of assets that form the collateral for certain loans, as well as cash flows an enterprise may experience. Cliqjets Consulting also provides material support for restructuring, aviation asset repossession and re-marketing.


Cliqjets Consulting helps airlines tackle their most challenging commercial, financial, and operational issues. We advise a broad range of aircraft operators; from full-service legacy airlines to ultra-low-cost carriers, as well as cargo carriers, charter operators and niche service providers:

Performance bench marking and process improvement across commercial, operational, and financial disciplines, leveraging data-driven analytics, proprietary databases, and methodologies
Support for all aspects of fleet planning and fleet purchase or lease decisions.
Strategy and business plan development to support airline start-ups, spin-offs of profit center divisions such as maintenance & engineering, cargo and ground handling, etc.

Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience Design

Pre-departure communication management (PCM) services

Customer Data Platform

Business & General Aviation / Helicopter

We serve business aviation and general aviation, charter and other aircraft operators, fixed base operations (FBOs), maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), airports, government regulators, and policy makers in both mature and emerging markets.


Cliqjets Consulting helps their clients for business and strategic plan development, market and product studies, due diligence, and much more.

Aircraft Leasing And Financing Advisory


In-depth analysis on key topics, news and trends