Passenger Pre-Departure Communication Management Services (PPCMS)
Passenger pre-departure communication management services, is a product of Cliqjets Consulting design to help airlines to communicate with passengers before their flights. These services aim to provide important information, updates, and assistance to passengers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Here is an overview of the key aspects of pre-departure communication management services provided by Cliqjets Consulting:

Booking Confirmation: When passengers make flight bookings, airlines often give them a booking confirmation through email or SMS. Cliqjets Consulting is offering to assist air travelers in paying for their tickets to confirm the reservations they made on their phones or laptops. This confirmation provides important information such as flight numbers, departure and arrival timings, and booking references.

Seat Selection and Upgrades: During the pre-departure phase, Cliqjets Consulting will provide passengers the chance to choose their favorite seats or upgrade to premium classes for an extra charge.

Lounge Access and Special Services: Passengers who qualify for lounge access or special services like priority boarding, wheelchair assistance, or special meals will receive a notification and phone call from Cliqjets Consulting describing the availability and procedures for receiving these services.

Flight Status Updates: Cliqjets Consulting will give passengers regular flight status updates to keep them up to date on any changes in departure or arrival times, gate changes, or delays. These notifications will be sent by SMS, email, mobile apps, and direct phone calls.

Baggage Information: Cliqjets Consulting will inform travelers about luggage regulations, limits, and allowances prior to their flights. Details on weight limitations, dimensions, forbidden goods, and any additional costs for excess luggage may be included in this material.

In-flight Services and Amenities: Cliqjets Consulting will advise customers about in-flight services and amenities accessible during their flight, including entertainment alternatives, onboard Wi-Fi, food and beverage selections, and duty-free shopping.

Customer Support and Assistance: Cliqjets Consulting will give its clients with contact information or helpline numbers to call if they have any questions, problems, or emergencies before or after the trip. This will guarantee that travelers receive prompt help and support during their journey.

Check-in Reminders: Cliqjets Consulting will contact or send reminders to travelers a day and a few hours before departure, reminding them to check in for their flights. This email will include information regarding available check-in options such as online, mobile, and airport.

Security and Documentation Guidelines: Cliqjets Consulting will give travelers instructions regarding security processes, documentation needs (such as passports and visas), and other required travel documents to guarantee a seamless airport experience. These suggestions will assist travelers in planning ahead of time and avoiding delays or issues at the airport.

Travel Alerts and Notifications: Cliqjets Consulting will transmit travel alerts and notifications to passengers in the case of unanticipated events like as extreme weather, natural catastrophes, or operational difficulties. These alerts will include information on airline cancellations, rescheduling, alternate routes, and rebooking or refund possibilities.


Cliqjets Consulting will use all available contact channels, including phone calls, to guarantee that the passengers are satisfied and that they have got the information. These and other measures will be used to guarantee that the overarching purpose of informing passengers, meeting their requirements, and improving their overall travel experience is not compromised.