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I recently wrote about how I got into aviation and how grace has sustained me. I promised to explain how my knowledge of chemistry helps me understand flight operations.

Even though chemistry is a difficult course for many students, I enjoyed it because it has taught me that everything happens for a reason.

It’s in chemistry that I realized there are some atomic activities underneath every element that determines its characteristics. Therefore, the actual characteristics of flight operations are heavily influenced by ground operational activities normally concealed from passengers. So, just as an element’s properties are determined by its atomic structure and atomic number, the properties of an airline’s operation are determined by its operational and management structure.

As a result, if an airline truly wishes to improve safety, efficiency, compliance, and profitability, it must pay attention to its operational and management activities.

Now, to put the record straight, not every career path has to be as linear as Bsc-M.Sc-MBA-PhD… Sometimes you just have to let go and follow the bend. It is not the end of the road is just a bend. You must have aspired to be a doctor like me….. But take your time and enjoy the ride; if you don’t give up on your dreams, you’ll eventually arrive at the right place. Don’t mistake a bend for a bus stop. But if you have missed your bus stop already or about to, you are welcome to seek the help of a mentor to help you get back on track.

Every dream is still valid until you give up.

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Shadrach Swante Kambai

Flight Operations Consultant, Aviation Data Analyst, Business Developer (shadrach@cliqjets.com)

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  1. Charity Tina Ibrahim

    This is awesome bro! I aspired becoming a Doctor like you but ended up a Chemist, right now, I’m delving into business, I just hope this bend brings the desired result.


      All your dreams are still valid my sister

    • Omeiza Samuel folorunsho (PhD)

      Awesome brother, I could still remember vividly how we all negotiated the various bends during the U02CH times…like you I wanted to be a medical doctor cum Catholic priest but today I hold a PhD in chemistry with much more interest in the business world trying to add value to SME’s and debt management analysis. More you bro and see at top by God’s grace

      • Shadrach Swante Kambai

        Yeah, Dr. Omeiza!!! the bends are part of the journey.
        Congratulations on your achievement in Chemistry.


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