Opinion: How Citizens’ Patriotism Would Affect Nigeria Air Performance in Nigeria.

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Patriotism has the potential to have a huge impact on the airline industry. Nigeria Air has the potential to play a critical role in linking people from all over the world, thereby encouraging economic growth and cultural interaction. Patriotism can develop a sense of allegiance to the country in this circumstance, encouraging individuals to support the national airline regardless of the options available. But, there are a few key questions that need to be addressed if the airline wants to enjoy a competitive advantage:

1. With the influx of new airlines into the business, are Nigerians patriotic enough to fly with Nigeria Air?

2. Is Nigeria Air capable of gaining the trust of the Nigerian traveling public?

National airlines are often viewed as symbols of national pride and identity. Citizens may feel a sense of patriotism when flying with their country’s airline, choosing it over other carriers, even if the other options are more convenient or affordable. As a result, national airlines may receive preferential treatment and support from their government, such as subsidies or protectionist policies, to promote their success and competitiveness.


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Patriotism can also influence the behavior of airline employees. National airline employees may feel a sense of duty to represent their country well and provide excellent service to customers. This sense of patriotism can lead to higher levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction, resulting in a better customer experience and increased loyalty towards the airline.

However, excessive patriotism in the airline industry can lead to negative consequences, such as discrimination towards passengers from other countries or airlines. It is important to strike a balance between patriotism and professionalism to ensure that all customers are treated equally and with respect regardless of nationality.

In conclusion, patriotism can have both positive and negative effects on Nigeria Air. While it can foster a sense of loyalty towards the airline and improve employee engagement, it is important to maintain professionalism and avoid discrimination towards other countries or airlines. Ultimately, the success of the airline industry relies on providing excellent service and connecting people from all over the world, regardless of national identity or patriotism.

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