Airpeace Weather Advisory: 17/01/2023

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The term “weather” refers to the present meteorological components, such as temperature, wind direction and speed, amount and kind of precipitation, number of sunspots per hour, and so on. The weather defines a brief period of time, up to many days and a “weather condition” is the regional weather throughout a specific time period, which might range from one to many weeks. A “weather condition” describes a typical weather phenomenon, such as a series of thunderstorms during the hot summer, a foggy month in autumn, or other weather conditions typical for a given place and/or season (Freie Universitat, 2019).

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Given the infrastructural deficiencies in some Nigerian airports, passengers must reason with airlines because the major factors causing delays during this time of year are beyond the airlines’ control, but they do have a responsibility to manage the situation effectively in order to reduce the impact on passengers. If a flight must be delayed during this season, it is always in the best interests of the passengers and aircraft, as well as in accordance with the minimum requirements for safe operations.

Furthermore, an aircraft can arrive at a station when the weather suddenly drops below the operating minimum, necessitating a delay in the remaining routes for that aircraft until the weather improves in the aircraft’s next destination before it can depart and continue on its schedule. To alleviate the stress of missing appointments, I advocate early morning flights for travelers to catch up with appointments or providing your appointments a 24-hour cushion.

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As a consulting organization that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and profitability, we recognize that placing airlines under pressure to sacrifice safety for any reason is not worth it. As a result, we urge customers to take caution even while asserting their rights, because there is little or nothing airlines can do if the weather is not within the operational safety limits. as earlier stated this is just a period and will soon be a thing of the past.

Remember “is better to be delayed than to be late”

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