“nasholidays” flynas new and Innovative Leisure and Holiday Platform

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Flynas announced the launch of its new and innovative leisure and holiday platform, “nasholidays,” where they will distinctively facilitate and transform travelers’ experiences to the exceptional through a new user-friendly interface that can provide important services such as allowing travelers to personalize their packages, displaying guide visitors to plan journeys, managing bookings, and many exclusive offers in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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the Saudi air carrier and the leading low-cost airline in the Middle East, announced launching its leisure and holidays platform www.nasholidays.com with a new look, enabling its guests to personalize their traveling package and design ideal holidays within a single window and a seamless experience.

The bi-lingual platform allows travelers maximum flexibility when searching for their next holiday, and the packages they create will allow including flynas flights and partnering hotels.

Through a user-friendly design, the platform tabs guide visitors to plan journeys, manage bookings, and explore special deals including exclusive offers and destinations supported by a map locating flynas’ destinations in Asia, Europe, and Africa.


Umrah performers have their special tab where they can book their exclusive Umrah packages with offers of low-cost flights from dozens of destinations, budget-friendly hotels, and extra add-on services to suit their needs.

Travelers can save more and get great prices when bundling their trips with flynas’ flights and partnering hotels. The new platform provides customer support online or via phone.

Launching www.nasholidays.com with its new and innovative look is in line with the flynas’ care to prioritize travelers’ experience.
In addition, this platform provides a specific tab for Umrah performers, where they can book their exclusive and economical packages from numerous destinations with budget-convenient hotels and plentiful services that suit their needs.

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