Peter Obi: The Bride of Nigerian Youths’ New Future

by | Feb 16, 2023 | 5 comments

Written by Kingsley PA Okoruwa

I am the son of a nobody!




Lied to



I was told that tomorrow is mine,

but my tomorrow has been mortgaged before I could get to it.

Like a termite in the labyrinth of lost hope

I wallow in confusion wondering where my hope will come from…

So, today I found it.

I saw my hope riding like a king upon his chariot…

Decked with promises, aspiration, compassion, and the burden to fix what was broken.

So, I ran towards him!

I could be stopped, yet I ran.

I could fall down, but I ran.

I could be shot.., I know I won’t.

I ran…

With my hands stretched out, wide-open

I ran towards him.

I couldn’t hug him, but hope hugged me… Faith kissed my chicks, and the pureness in his heart flowed from him to me when he cast his gaze upon me with such a beautiful smile

He didn’t say a word but all he said was heard …

I can hear him saying weep not child, your future won’t be stolen no more.

Hold steady my child, this victory is for you and every citizen.

The sun will rise again

You will walk in the rays of a beautiful sun.

I will make you proud before the comity of nations…

You will stand up tall and boldly say, I am a Nigerian.

I looked at him again and silently said.., so be it papa…

So be it!!

©Kingsley PA Okoruwa

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The girl child, just like a boy, possesses equal innate potential and capabilities in nature. However, her unique identity as a woman enables her to function and contribute to society in diverse and powerful ways. Embracing and supporting her individuality is essential for fostering a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Hope for Ashes: A Collection of Poems for Nigerians Before They Cast Their Ballots

Hope for Ashes: A Collection of Poems for Nigerians Before They Cast Their Ballots

After the hopelessness, despair, shame, misery, disappointments, and multidimensional suffering that humbled us for the past eight years, there is a golden chance to make things right and choose a captain for another eight years.
Arise, o’compatriot, and give your vote for those whose qualifications have been verified, whose moral integrity has been established, whose leadership abilities have been demonstrated, and whose compassion has been felt across the country.

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  1. Faith

    Very interesting and a tru reflection of the heart of a Nigerian youth.

    • Bubbly Doyaka

      I like this piece, so much hope and confidence… I pray It ends as anticipated. Else the Nigerian youth story will a different think completely. This poem also spell out work for our aspiring head of state

      • Faith

        Thanks for your view on this
        Me too I pray the hope will not disappoint

  2. Raphael Duniya

    O such a beautiful piece. It captured the scenario of the 25th when I stood my ground under the sun. I was tired and sweating, but I stood. I looked around me and could see that I wasn’t alone. All that stood with me were energised by hope.
    Let that hope keep us standing. Hope does not disappoint, for God who gives power promised to keep overturning it untill it gets to whom it belongs.

    • Shadrach Swante Kambai

      We sincerely appreciate your comment looking forward to more of your comments.


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