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Employing Experienced Professionals: An Opportunity, Not a Threat, for Airlines in Nigeria

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Employing experienced professionals in the Nigerian airline industry presents a multitude of opportunities rather than threats. Here are seven reasons why:

Vast Expertise

Seasoned professionals bring years of industry-specific knowledge and expertise, enabling airlines to tap into a wealth of valuable insights. Their experience enhances operational efficiency, quality standards, and problem-solving capabilities.

Mentorship and Leadership

Experienced employees can serve as mentors and leaders, guiding and inspiring younger team members. This fosters a culture of continuous learning, development, and succession planning within the organization.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Seasoned professionals possess refined customer service skills, enabling them to provide exceptional experiences to passengers. Their expertise contributes to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Safety and Security

Employing experienced professionals strengthens safety and security measures. Their comprehensive understanding of protocols, regulations, and potential risks enhances the airline’s ability to maintain a safe and secure environment for travelers

Industry Networks

Seasoned professionals often have extensive networks within the industry. This opens doors for collaboration, partnerships, and business opportunities that can positively impact the airline’s growth and reputation

Crisis Management

Experienced professionals have weathered various industry challenges and crises. Their ability to navigate turbulent times, make informed decisions, and lead teams during crises is invaluable for airlines operating in uncertain environments.

Institutional Knowledge

Long-standing employees possess institutional knowledge, and understanding of the airline’s history, culture, and internal processes. This knowledge provides stability and continuity, fostering efficient operations and informed decision-making.


Employing experienced professionals in the Nigerian airline industry brings numerous advantages. Their expertise, mentorship, and leadership abilities contribute to improved operations, customer experiences, safety standards, and crisis management. Embracing the opportunities presented by experienced employees can propel airlines towards success and growth in the dynamic Nigerian aviation sector.

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